Mapeh (Music, Arts, Physical Education & Health)
Araling Panlipunan and Math Teacher

     Hi! I'm Ferylou Jireh Patricio and I'm your online tutor. My friends call me Jhai, and you also call me that.
I also have always been passionate about teaching; I absolutely relish it whenever I get the chance to tell others what I had learned, even if it's a requirement. And I always do it with cheerfulness, cause I believe that especially when it comes to teaching kids, temperament plays a great deal in their learning.

Kids learn better when they are happy with how they are learning and not just what they are learning. It will make a huge difference if it is delivered in a way that does not make the kid feel pressured to learn. Thus, I make it my strong point to always teach with a comfortable atmosphere with creativity and frequent offers of positive feedback.

It would be a joy for me if I could work for you and help kids thrive in a positive learning environment.